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Tom Dwan Announced as Official Poker King Ambassador

Recently, the poker circle ushered in a heavy news: poker legend Tom Dwan officially signeRecently, the poker circle ushered in big news: poker legend Tom Dwan officially signed with the online platform poker king, became an ambassador, and joined the security team. Adding to the platform his many years of poker experience, and working together with the platform to help poker players get a more fair and honest gaming experience. Mentioning why Dwan was invited as the first ambassador of Poker King, the head of the Poker King platform said: “Tom Dwan is an irreplaceable poker legend for many poker players. Especially in Asia, where poker is still in its infancy.” Many fans love his game from his excellent performance in High Stakes Poker.

Tom Dwan became famous in online poker since the age of 17, he has entered the online poker platform with ID as “durrrr”,  At the age of 22, he won more than 5.41 million US dollars in online poker games and is known as the “King of Online Poker”

In 2018, thanks to the desire of Asian players for a safe and fair poker platform, the Poker King platform came into being. With a core operating philosophy of creating a fair and equitable game environment, the licensing system has passed the world’s largest GLI certification for companies that provide independent testing and evaluation services for various technologies for the gaming industry.

(Tom Dwan signed the official promotional photo of the Poker King)

Dwan joined the Poker King’s security team as a consultant and was able to discuss and help Poker King to better optimize the product. Allow players to enjoy a superior gaming experience on the platform. I believe that this cooperation will bring different opportunities for both parties. ”As the ambassador of Poker King, Tom Dwan also signed the first online poker platform in Asia. “This is the choice I made after careful consideration. In the interview, Dwan said: “I have been active in the Asian poker circle in recent years. I saw the growing popularity of poker here and many poker platforms broke out. However, most of the players are deeply harmed by cheating such as “collusion” and cannot experience a fair poker environment.

It is complemented by innovative reforms such as “one-click suspicious hand reporting, the ability to pay to see opponents cards after the hand and other innovative technologies that ensure fair and equitable gaming environment. Poker King has been online for only one year and has become a popular poker platform popular amongst Asian players.

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