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Poker King Terms of Use

You (“User” or “You”) should read the full text of this End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) before using Poker King products. Once the agreement is concluded, it means that you recognize the brand owned and controlled by Poker King.

Please note that this agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and Poker King.
“Real Money” Game
You must comply with the terms and conditions set forth below to play real money games.
You agree to our terms
Once you click the “I agree” button and use the software (as defined below) during the software installation process, it means that you accept the terms and conditions of the agreement, privacy policy, poker rules, and game rules (in order to update and revise the following provisions from time to time Version).

Our software

Within the scope of this agreement, “software” refers to any software that we provide to you through any media, regardless of whether you can download it to your end-user device. Therefore, “software” includes, that can be downloaded to or provided to end-user devices (including but not limited to mobile phones, PDAs, tablets, existing or future inventions on the market) Any other type of portable or mobile device) (each referred to as “device”) of the Poker King mobile version of the software and all affiliated software of the software.

1. Licensing / Intellectual Property


Subject to the terms and conditions contained in the agreement, Poker King grants users non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable rights, allowing users to install and use software on the device (as appropriate) to access Poker King servers and play Real money games (hereinafter referred to as “games”) (software and games are collectively referred to as “services”).


Poker King allows you to use the software personally. Please note that the following people cannot use the service: (i) under 18 years of age; (ii) under the legal adult age of the jurisdiction in which they are located; and (iii) persons related to the site prohibited from use in the jurisdiction. Poker King cannot verify the legality of the service in various jurisdictions, and users are responsible for confirming whether the use of the service is legal.


We have the right to ask you to provide proof of age at any time in order to ensure that no minors use the service. If you fail to provide proper proof of age, or we suspect that you are a minor, we also have the right to temporarily close or permanently cancel your account, temporarily or permanently prohibiting you from using the service.


Poker King has all rights to the software and its code, structure, and organization, including copyright, trade secrets, intellectual property rights, and other rights. Subject to the restrictions imposed by applicable laws, you must not:

A. Copy, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, modify, translate, or try to access the source code to create derivatives of the software source code;
B. Sales, transfer, sub-license, transfer, distribution, lease software;
C. Provide the software to a third party through a computer network or other channels;
D. Export the software to any country (by physical or electronic means);
E. Use the software in a manner prohibited by applicable laws and regulations.
(Each name “unauthorized use”).
Poker King reserves all implied or other rights not expressly granted to users in this agreement, and reserves all rights, property rights and benefits to the software. You agree that you are responsible for any damages, expenses or expenses caused by or related to your unauthorized use. Once you discover that someone has unauthorized use, you should immediately notify Poker King and provide reasonable assistance when Poker King conducts an investigation based on the information you provide.


Any other trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names and / or domain names (hereinafter referred to as “trademarks”) used by Poker King in the site and / or software from time to time belong to Poker King, and these entities reserve all rights to the aforementioned trademarks. In addition, all content on the site, including but not limited to Poker King’s software, images, pictures, graphics, photos, animations, videos, music, audio and text (hereinafter referred to as “site content”), enjoys copyright and / or other knowledge Property rights, rights. You acknowledge that you cannot obtain any rights to the site content, trademarks or any part of it by using the services and sites. You may not use site content and / or trademarks under any circumstances without the prior written consent of Poker King. In addition, you agree not to engage in any action that damages or may damage Poker King’s rights to software, trademarks, site content (including intellectual property rights), and does not engage in any damage to the image or reputation of Poker King and its employees, directors, executives, consultants Any behavior.


You warrant that the names and pictures (such as user name and avatar) you use in the site and service-related purposes do not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights or other rights of any third party. You hereby grant Poker King a global, irrevocable, transferable, royalty-free, and sub-licensable license that allows the latter to use the names and pictures you use in the site and service-related purposes in compliance with the privacy policy .

2. No guarantee


The service is provided “as is” and Poker King does not provide any, all express or implied guarantees. We have not made any guarantees or statements to you regarding the quality of service, any application, completeness and accuracy.


We strive to provide you with the most quality and safest service, but we do not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, the service will be timely and error-free, the defects will be corrected, and the software and site will be free from viruses, errors or other problems.


Poker King has the right to suspend, stop, immediately, at its absolute discretion, when it deems it necessary (for example, but not limited to: we have learned that you have entered into a voluntary gambling ban agreement with any gaming provider, or to manage, maintain, or update the software). Changes, cancellations or expansion of services without notice. Poker King is not responsible for any losses caused by this decision.

3. Permission


Poker King has the right to open, maintain and close site user accounts. Any decision of the Poker King management team regarding user accounts, service usage, and dispute resolution is the final decision, and users cannot apply for review or appeal. The account created by the user is hereinafter referred to as the Poker King account. The Poker King account allows you to access all sites that Poker King provides in accordance with the terms of this agreement (depending on your geographic location). All references to “user account” or “account” in this agreement refer to your Poker King account.

4. Your statement and guarantee

You continue to state, guarantee, promise and agree before and after using the service:


There is a risk of losing money when using the service, and Poker King is not responsible for compensating such losses;


Your use of the service is entirely based on your choice and judgment, at your own risk;


To help us comply with regulatory requirements and allow you to access and use software and / or services through our website, you will need to provide certain personal details (including details about payment methods) and agree to us (or our Third-party representatives) to access and use your location data and / or other such data and information originating from your device / computer so that you can use the service / software. You hereby consent to us (or our third-party representatives) to access and use such data for the above purposes. If you do not wish to be bound by this provision, you must not use our software and / or services. Poker King will process your personal details in accordance with the Philippine data protection laws and regulations in accordance with the privacy policy;


You are responsible for the cash you have won using the service and the taxes you must pay for the awards.


The telecommunications network and Internet access services you need to access and use the service are completely beyond the control of Poker King. Poker King is not responsible for dropped connections, slow network speeds, traffic restrictions or other defects;


You have reached the age of 18 and currently have no voluntary gambling bans on any online or mobile betting sites. If you reach a voluntary gambling ban agreement with any gaming provider, you will immediately notify us.

5. Prohibited use behavior


Software modification. The user shall not attempt to modify, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the software.


personal use. The service is intended for users’ personal use only. Users can only bet for personal entertainment. Users must never use their “real currency account” in Poker King for purposes other than using the service. When users provide information to Poker King, they must provide complete and true information, and have an obligation to update the detailed information when it changes.


Collude. It is strictly forbidden for users to collude with fraud by sharing hole cards or other methods. Among other measures, Poker King has the right to restrict seats and / or prohibit users from participating in a table or mini-game, including prohibiting two or more users from joining a table or mini-game at the same time. In addition, Poker King has the right to treat fraudulent or attempted collusion between players (including users) as a major breach of contract, and then has the right to close the accounts of users who engage in or attempt to engage in such activities (with or without success).


Foreign aid program (EPA). Poker King prohibits foreign aid programs designed to give players an “unfair advantage” (hereinafter referred to as the “EPA Program”). “Outside” refers to computer software other than this software, and non-software-based databases or archives (such as websites or subscription services). “Unfair advantage” refers to users accessing or compiling information about other players that they cannot see during the game.


Automatic player (robot). The use of artificial intelligence is strictly prohibited in the service, including but not limited to “robots”. All user actions related to services must be made by the user himself through the user interface using the software.


You agree that Poker King can take measures to detect and prevent users from using prohibited EPA programs. These measures include but are not limited to checking the software programs running on the user’s computer and the Poker King software at the same time. You agree not to attempt to bypass, intervene, or prevent these measures, including but not limited to the use of third-party software that can bypass, intervene, or prevent these measures.

Chip concessions. Chip dumping means that the user intentionally loses the hand in order to transfer the chips to other players. Anyone who participates in or attempts to participate in chip transfers while using the service, including the party receiving the funds, will be permanently prohibited from using the service and may immediately close the user’s account. At this time, Poker King is not obligated to return any funds in your user account.


Fraud. For example, Poker King believes that users use the service to engage in or attempt to engage in fraud, illegality, dishonesty,
Improper activities, including but not limited to engaging in any of the activities specified in Article 5 or any other manipulation
Card game activities, or fraudulent payments (including but not limited to the use of stolen credit cards, fraudulent
Refusal, money laundering), Poker King has the right to take measures that he deems appropriate, including but not limited to:
A. Immediately block user access to the service;
B. Close the user’s account in Poker King;
C. Confiscate the funds in the user account;
D. Disclosure of relevant information (including user identity) to financial institutions legally entitled to obtain information,
The relevant department and / or any person or entity; and / or
E. File legal action against users.


Users can use the service on the device to conduct currency exchange transactions on the funds in the user account (hereinafter referred to as “
Currency exchange function “).
It is strictly forbidden to use the currency exchange function and / or user account for currency trading or speculation. To avoid currency exchange function
Improper use, we have the right to discretion:
A. Refuse or reverse the currency exchange transaction through the currency exchange function; and / or
B. Restrict the amount of currency that the user holds in the user’s account, and the funds that the user can exchange
Amount; and / or
C. Require users to use the currency in the user account for playing games before they can withdraw money or use

Other uses; and / or


Residents (including temporary visitors) of certain jurisdictions (including jurisdictions where players must abide by relevant laws and regulations and must use specific versions of game software) are prohibited from depositing into accounts or joining real currency games (hereinafter referred to as “disabled jurisdictions” “). For the avoidance of doubt, the aforementioned restrictive regulations prohibiting real money games in prohibited jurisdictions also apply to residents or citizens of other countries within the prohibited jurisdictions. Attempts to circumvent the aforementioned restrictions in prohibited jurisdictions are violations of the agreement. Attempts to circumvent include, but are not limited to, tampering with the information used by Poker King to confirm the position of the player, and providing the Poker King with erroneous and misleading information about the location and place of residence. If you try this behavior, we will take action, including but not limited to confiscating the funds in the user’s account.


Agents, community leaders and guild leaders must abide by the terms of service of the Poker King platform. Any attempt to promote other competitive products of the same kind or transfer Poker King players will result in the account being closed and the funds confiscated. Any agent, community or guild leader who participates in the activities prohibited by the platform, robots, AI, over-money, money laundering, fraud and other platforms will permanently lose their agent qualifications, and their account funds and agent income will also be confiscated. Any agent, community leader and guild leader assisting or soliciting players from the prohibited area to the platform, operating in a manner that violates the terms of service will result in the account being closed and the funds and agency income confiscated.

6. Withdrawal policy


Policies and standards for users withdrawing funds from user accounts. Poker King has the right to determine the additional eligibility criteria that users need to meet to take a specific withdrawal method at a specific time.

7. Bad language or content


Users should not post any illegal, indecent, racist, obscene, defamatory, defamatory or threatening materials through the service when using chat functions, player avatar options or communicating with Poker King staff, or any violation of the law that is generally considered bad Informational material.

8. Default


“Without prejudice to other rights, if the user completely or partially violates the provisions of the agreement, Poker King has the right to take the measures it deems appropriate, including terminating this agreement or other agreements with the user, immediately stopping the user’s use of the service, and closing The user’s account on the site or other group sites confiscates all funds in the user’s account, and / or initiates legal proceedings against the user. “


For all claims, requirements, liabilities, damages, losses, expenses and expenses, including legal fees and any other expenses, caused by the following reasons, you agree to provide full compensation to Poker King, the group and its shareholders, directors, and employees To defend against damage:

A. You violate this agreement in whole or in part;
B. You violate the law or violate the rights of third parties;
C. You use the service, or others use your login credentials (defined below) to access the service, regardless
Are you authorized.

9. Limitation of liability.


Under any circumstances (including negligence), Poker King is not required to cause any special, incidental, direct, indirect or secondary damage (including but not limited to business profit loss, business interruption, business information loss due to the use (or improper use) of services Or other economic losses), even if the Poker King knows in advance the possibility of such damage.


In this agreement

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